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Monday, August 30, 2010

Short and sweet

Good news, we officially closed on the condo on Friday. As of 9:30 am, Friday, August 27, we no longer own a condo!

Good thing...they broke ground on new construction last week! That was one of our fears, that if they started new construction, we'd never sell since people would be more likely to buy brand new if it's available rather than something that's almost 4 years old.

Made it out just in time! :)

We are pretty settled in to my parents house, and have had very little problems with being in each others way so far. Thanks to 2 full bathrooms and different morning departure times, we've been OK.

It's a little crowded, but Kyle is having the BEST TIME EVER with so many fun people to play with and tons more room to run around!

We definitely need a house with a yard, or Kyle will never want to leave Grammy and Grampas!

We're working on it!

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