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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We live in a house!

It's been 3 official days since we actually moved into our house after everything we've been through. It's great so far!

Boxes are still everywhere, but the majority of our stuff is put away. We have the essentials either put away, or out within reach and hope to spend some time soon putting up things like curtains and pictures.

We did so much work last week, that it's change so much we can't help but feel at home already. We painted the family room, kitchen, upstairs hallway and half of the upstairs bathroom. The mauve carpet was replaced (thank god) and our amazing cleaning lady came and thoroughly scrubbed, mopped, sponged, bleached, scoured and windexed the place. It actually looked clean. And we felt good getting into the place. It still needs some updating, but the spiderwebs, dust bunnies, floor stains and counter crumbs are all gone.

The best surprise we got was from my Dad, he totally re-did Kyle's new room with a friend of his. It's amazing! We just got the furniture in last night so I haven't had a chance to take many pictures. I will though, it's a total transformation!

Kyle just LOVES his new house. He has so much room to play and to run around in and the floors are so soft with new carpet that he's always rolling around playing trains and having fun. There's a nice little loop from family room, to living room, through the hall, into the kitchen and back to the dining room that Kyle is practically wearing away the floors he's been running it so much. And he will tell you when it's your turn to run and which way to go and you better run fast!

Our furniture fits nicely in some places and other rooms look pretty bare! That's to be expected when you double your square footage from condo to house!

We still have a lot of work to do, but I promise, before and after pictures are coming soon!

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