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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dirt pile update!

Good news, the dirt is being moved! See how much smaller our pile is getting? Thanks bulldozer-thing, or big digger, or maybe it's a backhoe?  I need to read up on my construction terms throughout this process!  We stopped by the new house this weekend to check out the movement. John the Agent told us the dirt was getting moved around so we wanted to see for ourselves.



Kyle was extremely excited to see the big truck there. Big Tuck. We didn't get out and he was a bit disappointed in that, but we had already been in the car for almost an hour having come back from the Beach House for the official start of summer!

We did ask Kyle if he wanted to take a trip by our new house on the way home. "Boo How?" he said. Yes, Kyle, this is going to be our boo how.

Margot (John the Agent's wife) is coming to our condo tonight to list it. She's our listing agent for the condo, keeping it in the family! We will have an open house on Sunday and hope to get some good visitors and maybe even an offer or two. Money is tight thanks to the market, so we need offers close to or at our asking price (which we don't think is unreasonable considering it's so much less than what we paid. boooo).

We will be crossing our fingers all week for some interested people!

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