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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The waiting begins...

After our listing went public, we had some great responses! So far, 6 couples have come in to see our place. Not bad for only having been on the market for 5 days or so! The amount of viewings was encouraging, it reinforced that we priced the place well, decorated well, and advertised well. All those things are drawing people in and now we just have to wait for an offer.

And that's what we are doing. Waiting for an OFFER! Yep, that means there's one coming.
There were 2 couples that expressed real interest this weekend. One wasn't 'readable' according to Margot the Agent, and 3 other either didn't like the layout, or wanted more space (helloooo? There were pictures on line and the exact square footage... were you expecting something different? Why bother to come out if you knew you wanted a different layout or more space? stupid)

Anyway, we had a couple come in to our Open House on Sunday and love the place. I got a call yesterday from Margot and said she heard an offer was being put together. This was an indepentent couple (no agent) so she asked one of the agents in her office to handle the buyer side. Technically, she can do both, but it's tough and she prefers not to. She said that the new agent was going to get in touch with the couple and start working on an offer.

We got this great news later yesterday afternoon. Margot didn't think it would happen that afternoon (it would have been about a 30 minute turn-around and that's fast!) so we should expect something later today.

It's later today. I don't have anything...

Patience is not easy in the real estate market! I'm sure there are a million reasons why we have nothing solid yet, but that doesn't make us feel any better!

Let's go, people!

Margot held an agent open house today during the day for agents to come see the place and get to know it before they start showing it. This is good. In case this offer doesn't end up coming, we've had agents running through the place all day who are no doubt just itching to get people in to our adorable place!

Even if this first offer doesn't happen, or isn't what we want, at least we know 3 things:

1. Someone liked our place enough to buy it. Which means others will, too.
2. Our pricing was not totally off the wall. It wasn't so high that no one wanted to even try.
3. All of our decorating, cleaning, straightening, organizing, neatening, keeping-the-toys-put-away efforts are worth it.

Good news!

Now why isn't my phone ringing!??!

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