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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stick a fork in it...

It's done! :(

Not in a good way. We have officially cut ties with Steve the Builder. John the Agent met with him last week after he got back from his vacation to find out what was going on with the P&S on his end, and to give him an update on us.

Steve the Builder thought we were just dragging our feet and nit-picking at the P&S to get more time on our side! Seriously? We were so excited to come in and meet with him and get the plans going and he thought we had cold feet? No cold feet, just a host of other issues no amount of wooly socks can solve.

John explained to him the FHA issues we were having and how we have had a stream of people coming in to see our condo and loving it and then not getting financing. We would have sold this unit 4 times by now!

Steve was relatively disappointed for us, and did say that now he understood more. Did that change his mind on the dates, hold-hold backs, construction delay language or anything else? No. blah.

Steve and John agreed that it was time to cut ties (as we told John it was OK to say that) since we were having trouble. They did talk a lot about Phase 2, though...Summit Street.

Steve was pretty vague about a lot of things, but some things haven't been decided yet. He would love to see us return and try to get a new lot on the second street but he had no idea what the pricing was going to be like, or even if they would have the same house plans. He thought he could honor the original plans we made, but couldn't promise anything. He couldn't even tell John if the price range would be the same.  These are gorgeous, well made houses that sold fairly fast considering the market today, so Steve could probably get away with increasing the prices a little and then we'd be out of our range.

I hope he doesn't do that, but you never know. It's really all a business and there's no personal feelings in it for the builders. :(

For now, our condo is still on the market, but we're leaning toward taking it off until the FHA approval comes though. Margot the Agent is supposed to be getting an update on the process soon and will let us know what might be going on in the next few months. Or not going on....

It's a rough time of year for ANY of this, with the summer, holidays, long weekends and crazy heat waves so we are expecting things to be slow anyway.

The only thing we're really worried about now, is if we take the condo off the market, will Margot be upset? She's doing a TON of work for us to get this going and we don't want her to think all her efforts are going unnoticed, or will be in vain. She really is going above and beyond and is a fantastic agent (I'd be happy to refer her to anyone!) Once it goes through, we intend to sell ASAP and obviously Margot would be our listing agent again. But, it could take awhile... We really have no idea what is best right now!

We'll see Margot and John this Sunday at church when we get our little guy baptised. I'm sure we'll get a chance to chat with them both for a few minutes after. I know they both feel bad for us and have worked really hard to try and get us in this new house!

No matter what, we'll use them in the future. We even had our eye on a back up house just in case, and were going to ask Margot to take us to see it. But, it was taken off the market last week. We are officially the unluckiest home sellers on the planet!

I'll keep updating this blog as things come up, hopefully we'll have some less depressing news in the near future!

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