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Thursday, July 15, 2010

A tiny update

Margot the Agent is really going to bat for us! Even though the interest has waned on the condo and the rumors around the real estate world are not to even bother with America Blvd because it's not FHA approved, she's still working hard.

Monday morning I went to give Kyle breakfast and what was on our front porch? A loaf of homemade bread from Margot! Talk about above and beyond as an agent! :)

Margot called us last week and said that since the condo management company is refusing to release some of the documents she needs, she's going to try and get some help from our resident board. She asked for the names of our representatives (there are 2) but we don't know who they are.

I did some research and finally found 2 names but no phone numbers or unit numbers. I also found out that we have a board meeting in August and will be voting on a new board member. Our board is made up of 3 people, originally all from Fafard (like that helps us out). As the complex grows, one resident at a time is voted to replace a Fafard person at the start of each new phase. The goal is to have a full resident populated board by the time they start the last phase. Looks like that will happen in August. I think that's also why we have been hearing rumors that more building is starting soon. Once that last person is voted on, the last phase is supposed to start.

Well, we think....that's how it was explained to us when we bought the place 3 years ago, and we're hesitant to believe anything anymore. Especially since we found out that the condo docs the management company gave us when we bought the unit were not complete. Margot found a complete set last week and was shocked to find out they withheld information from us. Sadly, we weren't that surprised. Nothing about this has been anything less than shady since we moved in May 19, 2007.

Back to the condo board representatives...Without numbers or units, I thought I might have to resort to google stalking until I could find a way to contact them and ask for help. But....one happens to be the husband of a girl I went to high school with so I was able to get his phone number for Margot. I hesitate to say it out loud, but was that actually a stroke of GOOD luck for us??

Something actually went in our favor. Weird.

That's all we know right now, hopefully Margot and our board rep can get somewhere with this. It really is in the best interest of the whole place to get the FHA approved. People are going to want to move someday!

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